A new plan for Fife

For the first time in Fife there’s one Plan for the future of public services – one plan that the council and its partners have signed up to and provides a vision for Fife for the next ten years.

It’s simple, it’s straightforward and it puts fairness at the heart of everything we do, bringing together Fife’s communities and services in a way that means everyone can get involved in improving their neighbourhoods and creating a fairer Fife.

Our focus is on tackling poverty and inequality and preventing problems before they become too big and expensive to fix. And the best bit about this new way of working is that communities will be involved in decisions that affect them. This includes you.

The story so far

Our research team looked closely at communities across Fife to find out all sorts of information from population changes to employment prospects. We spoke to local people about their priorities and highlighted lots of different issues that you feel public services need to focus on.

Some areas are thriving, some are doing ok, but there are other areas of Fife where there are real challenges. Too many Fifers are living in poverty – and that’s not acceptable.

Four themes of fairness

The Plan has a strong focus on addressing inequalities and four key themes will now direct the work of the Fife Partnership

Opportunities for all is about making sure no one or no community is left behind. We aim to make sure that every Fifer can access opportunities in education, training, jobs and wider society, and that all Fifers have equal access to support and advice that might be needed to support a fulfilling and decent life.

Thriving places are well designed and maintained spaces where people are proud to live and have access to the services and facilities they need at different stages of their lives.

Inclusive growth and jobs is about the pace of economic growth and who benefits from it. We’re aiming to achieve sustainable economic growth focussing on strategic investment, fair work, connectivity, tourism and the green economy.

Community – led services are empowered communities where we work together with you to improve services focussing on prevention and early intervention. We want people in Fife to live good lives and reach their full potential. We all need services which support people to stay healthy, well and independent. This will mean working differently with people involved in the design, delivery and running of services.